Get rid of those pesky critters.

Parasites can be internal or external, and many of the same parasites your pet gets can affect people, too!

Internal parasites
The first parasite we usually think of is the tapeworm, which is a direct result of your pet having fleas. But we also commonly see roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, coccidia, and giardia. These parasites survive in the intestines and can make your pet very sick. It is best to detect parasites early, before your pet gets sick. This is why we are always pestering you for those smelly stool samples. Some of these parasites can also make you and your family sick. The Center for Disease Control estimate more than 10,000 human roundworm infections yearly, with 700 of those losing their eyesight permanently. Yep, we want those stool samples from your pets at least once a year to protect your pet and your family.

External parasites
Fleas and ticks are common, but so are ringworm and mange. We see many skin cases each year. Many are caused by external parasites! The good news is external parasites are highly treatable. Left untreated, you pet has suffer symptoms ranging from hair loss and scabs to itching and chewing. Think of how one mosquito bite makes you itch; now multiply the sensation several times to relate to a pet with fleas.

We recommend Trifixis for most dogs to treat fleas, intestinal parasites and preventing heart worm disease. We recommend Revolution for our feline patients as it is by far the best prevention for fleas, intestinal parasites and preventing heart worm disease. Heart worms are carried and passed on by mosquitoes. While mosquitoes are not common in the Pacific Northwest, there are more cases seen in the northwest than ever previously documented. This is largely due to the increase of people traveling and relocating to new areas. Therefore, we recommend prevention as the best course of action against these potentially deadly parasites. Always be careful to read label directions as many canine flea products are HIGHLY TOXIC to cats. We recommend you only buy parasite control products from a veterinary facility as these products are tested under government sanctions to ensure they are safe and more effective than retail flea products. We carry a wide variety of parasite prevention products to tailor the needs for each unique case. Be sure to ask us!

AND with proof of cost, we will price match any of the parasite preventatives we carry!

Schedule an appointment immediately if you suspect that your cat or dog may already be infected.