Pet Dental Care

Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment Treatment (COHATs)

With your pet under anesthesia we will first evaluate their oral health using full mouth x-rays to evaluate all tooth roots, and complete charting to assess gum condition. We will then do a deep cleaning, and remove any damaged or diseased teeth. Finally all teeth will be polished and sealed.

A post op exam is done 1 to 2 weeks later to ensure good healing and discuss ongoing home treatment.

Ongoing Dental Care

Good dental care is essential to the health and longevity of your pet. Along with daily care at home, we are partnered with the Animal Dental Care service to make non-anesthetic dental cleanings available between COHATs.

Our technicians will instruct you in various method of home dental care. We offer a variety of oral health care products such as tooth brushes, foods, treats and water additives to aid you in keeping your pet’s mouth clean and healthy.

Check out home dental care products at our online pharmacy.

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We strive to be available to your and your pets when you need us. We offer scheduled wellness and sick visits as well as urgent care visits if your pet suddenly falls ill.

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