Wellness Plan

Why Choose a Wellness Plan?

We believe that doing what’s best for our pets is the most important thing. This is why we offer Wellness Plans that include a comprehensive package of essential care for your pet, all at an affordable monthly price. As your furry family member ages, their plan will change to reflect their changing needs. We’ll keep track of payments, recommend plan changes, and update you about upcoming exams and treatments regularly and transparently.

For a monthly fee, you get unlimited office calls and examinations, monthly treatments for fleas and other parasites, annual examinations, and other treatments tailored for your dog’s age. We also offer dental plans that cover x-rays, polishing, vaccinations, and more. With WellHaven Wellness Plans, you can give your pet the best possible care, from preventive checkups to emergency treatment. And you can do it all without breaking the bank.

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We strive to be available to your and your pets when you need us. We offer scheduled wellness and sick visits as well as urgent care visits if your pet suddenly falls ill.

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