Pet Surgery

Common procedures include spays and neuters, soft tissue surgery, growth removals, etc. We are also equipped to perform orthopedic procedures via a mobile surgeon.

All surgeries are proceeded by an examination and pre-anesthetic blood-work to ensure your pet is healthy enough to handle anesthesia. During surgery they are maintained on IV fluids, kept warm and monitored by an experienced technician to assure your pet’s safety. Post surgery, our patients are recovered under watchful eyes and provided any necessary pain management. Safety and pain management are our top priorities here at Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic.

Part of life planning for our pets includes the decision to neuter or spay. Our doctors can explain your options in great detail. Neutering (male or female) has been scientifically proven to extend the life of your pet by reducing the threat of various types of cancer. We will do our best to help you make the best decision for your family and for your pet. These procedures include pre-surgical blood-work, IV Fluids and pain management to insure the safest possible experience for your family.

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We strive to be available to your and your pets when you need us. We offer scheduled wellness and sick visits as well as urgent care visits if your pet suddenly falls ill.

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