Lauren is a Veterinary Assistant who has been working here since the fall of 2021. The experiences she has had and people she has met through our clinic have helped to shape her understanding of veterinary medicine. Before joining us, she spent about eight months at another clinic also doing veterinary assistant duties. Before that she was working hard on earning her bachelor’s degree in Biology at Oregon State University, where she hopes to return
one day to further her own education and earn her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. She has lived with animals both large and small throughout her life and her love for them has done nothing but grow! As such, her job at this clinic seems less like work and more like a passion that she has the joy of being able to do. Lauren’s four-legged family members, such as her dog Amber, mean the world to her and we are happy to have her be a part of our family here at Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic.